Old friends Tom Scheve and Andrew Cummins join me to talk about the end of the world.  First Tom berates me for not having him on the show sooner, but then we eventually get to it.  Plus a stupid, stupid, stupid game.  Check it out on iTunes and Podbean!

Podcast hosts Cody Hughes and Macon Clark talk about everything but podcasts, but the word is mentioned several times.  It was wild, incoherent fun! Plus a stupid game and not much else.  Rate - Review - Subscribe on iTunes!

Old pal Joe Shelton is back to talk about what he nerds out about.  we talk about movies, politics, tv and karaoke.  Plus a stupid game and a new sponsor!  Check it out on iTunes and Podbean!

Get this. Mallory Denae and Clifton Hall talk with me about anxiety and no one has a breakdown.  Go figure.  Plus a round of the movie game and other stuff.  Download, rate and review!

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