Corey Smathers joins me to talk about working at a golf course, back pain, his Meema, and lots of other fun stuff.  Plus, we play another patented stupid game.  

September 24, 2021

Outdoors! w/ Cary Goff

Classic Cary Goff joins me outdoors on a morning record to discuss the uselessness of trees, the Amoeba Matrix and zoning out during Zoom meetings.  It's a hoot!

September 10, 2021

Advice w/ Kelsey Rosen

In this episode, Kelsey Rosen blesses our chat with her presence!  We talk about fitness, chasing butterflies in the backfield, and we give dating advice!  It's a real fun one!  You've got to check it out!\\On this episode, Kelsey Rosen blesses our chat with her presence!  We talk about fitness, chasing butterflies in the backfield, and we give dating advice!  It's a real fun one!  You've got to check it out!

This week we go back to the 2012 archives for a very special episode with outstanding comedian, Tim Northern, old favorite, Jason Webb, and the effervescent Lora!  We have a bevvy of callers and lots of fun, so check it out!

This week we talk hitin' the road with Macon Clark and Cody Hughes.  Topics include a lot of stuff I may regret later, plus a classic round of the Movie Game and much more.

Morgan Bost and Kenny Stempien join me this week to talk about whatever.  Crying, Vocab words, gossip and therapy.  Plus a very haphazardly managed restaurant review game.  All this and much more! (well some more).

This week Katy Hudson and Christian Lee Villanueva join me to talk about chaffing, skin growing back, and e-sports riots.  Plus a round of the movie game and much more.  Check it out!

This week Ryan Cox and Julio Ortiz join me to talk pets and it gets weird.  Garage doors, Iguana Soup and a whole lot more.  Check it out!

Jess Cooley is back to help!  This show is a bomb and I need his completely uninformed feedback to get back on track.  We talk about Discord, comedy civilians, and something about a dust bowl.  It's a real good time.  enjoy!

Way back in 2011 there was a fella named Pat Hinson who did comedy in Asheville and then went on to other things.  He was a character and I captured it in digital form and now you can listen to it. Enjoy!

This week we're all logy and dull with Cory Thompson as we recover from our COVID shots.  We talk about plagues, the dangers of having cats, and the depressing existence of Pizzley Bears.  It's a real zinger!  Check it out!

April 9, 2021

3.18 w/ Tim Hearn

Old Friend Tim Hearn joins me to talk about bicylce safety, childhood shananigans, and underaged drinking.  It's a real fun time with only a little vomit talk. It's a mostly emetophobe safe episode.  Please enjoy!

We're going back into the archives this week for an episode with an old friend, Nick Shaheen.  We talk about microphones, synesthesia caused by "Cisco", and we get quiet and silly. It was 2011.  Please listen with an open mind and enjoy it.

This week Justin Blackburn & Kenny Stempien don't want to talk about food, they want to talk about basketball and I let that happen because I am a first-born pleaser. Well first we talk about the sentience of dryers and then basketball and how the two might have more in common than we might think...  It's a good ol' time.  Listen to it and find out!

The boys are back with another meandering ep that talks about cryptocurrencies, space minerals, and cast iron pizza.  It goes on for a while but I think it's worth the investment.  Check it out!!!

This week, our old pals Moria Goree and Lily Campbell join us to talk sports!  We discuss the Superbowl, what kind of Sports we enjoy, and Cops vs. Girls Gone Wild! It's a special podcast event!  Check it out!

First-timers, James Burks and Jess Cooley join me to talk about the internet and we immediately trail off into camera angles, goats and chickens, glass blowing and a whole lot more.  You should defs check it!

This week the crew reflects on the year that was. Cary Goff, Petey Smith McDowell, and Sahil Dhawan guest on the 2020 wrap up.  We talk about Baby Yoda's right-wing origins, how Baha Blast is a portal through the multi-verse, and much much more.  Check it out, y'all! 

A day late, this ep brings together comedy powerhouses Corey Smathers and Art Sturtevant! We talk cake. We talk candles. We talk about how cut Art is. We talk cocaine advertising.  It is enlightening and even a little shocking! Check it out!!!!!!

This week we have two of our favorite comedians and improvisers, Kelsey Rosen and Marlene Thompson!  We talk about weird stuff in food, reflect on winter's past, and play a very silly winter-themed game!  It's a blast that you won't want to miss!

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