May 27, 2015

9 w/ Tom Peters

The joyous Tom Peters joins me for what can only be called the most personal episode of Your Only Option.  Personal, because it happened in my house with all my dogs, cats and wives (wife) continuing to do what they do with very little acknowledgment that a podcast recording is going on.  It's... Interesting.  

All the way back in 2011, we sat down with an old pal, Ms. Katie Hughes from around these parts then but now from Chicago.  We never hear from her anymore, but that doesn't stop me from pretending we still have a friendship by playing this great old ep.  Don't miss it!

May 13, 2015

#7 Joe Shelton

Everybody’s favorite deep voiced poet Joe Shelton (AKA Jose Del Tejaco) joins me to talk politics, home repair and much more. Plus Disclaimer Radio News and the comedy calendar.  Crack open a seltzer and enjoy!

This week we have the incredibly talented Sara Schaefer on the show.  The star of Niki and Sara Live on MTV and her own web series Day Job, Sara graced us with her very insightful take on the state of the comedy business, the blogger chain of command and how bad I am at intros.  Peter Smith McDowell joins us to help keep me from getting to nervous and making a fool of myself.  Mission not accomplished. Check it out in iTunes!

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