This week first time guest Mallory Denae shares her recipe of pineapple upside-down cake (spoiler, that doesn't actually happen). Cody and Macon share their recipes for souffle which also doesn't happen.  Just listen and you'll find out what actually happened.  Love you! 

Friend of the Show (Trademark) Blaine Perry comes on the show to talk about procrastination but for some reason we keep putting it off.  Plus stupid games!  check it out peeps!

March 16, 2016

28 Quitting w/ Jason Webb

Friend of the show Jason Webb talks with me about quitting and does a good job of convincing me to hand over the podcast to him.  Stay tuned for the new Jason Webb show next week.  But you might as well listen to this one now. Enjoy!

This week we get a little nutz with old friend Art Sturtevant and new friend Leah Garth.  We talk about those crazy things we did back when we were younger and play some dumb games.  It was fun.  You can listen.  The end.

Good guy Gabe Rosenberg left for NYC, The Big Apple, Gotham, Cheese City... but before he left we sat down to talk about moving.  It was a very enlightening conversation about Israel, what feels like home and being abandoned by your friends... Gabe!  Plus the weird news quiz and a lot more. Chex it out!

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