April 28, 2016

34 Success w/ Jason Webb

Another one bites the dust.  Jason Webb, stalwart of the Asheville scene leaves us for the big city of Atlanta and I got one more chat about success with him before he moves on to greener pastures.  We play a round of the movie game and then we say our goodbyes.  That's it folks.  Check it out!

Nicknames are the name of the game when two Nicks and a Joe join me this week.  Nick MurphyNick Rehwaldt and Joe Shelton have a good time making fun of my nicknames and then claiming to never have had any.  Plus games and a new "sponsor".  Check it Out!!!!

This week a classic episode from back in 2014 with our good friend Tom Scheve.  Check it out. Download, rate and review, Deadheads!

The Greenville crew tries it again. Lost episode witnesses Andy CumminsChaz Scovel and relief guest Craig Holcombe join me to discuss doing it all over again and whether or not is was worth it.  Plus some stupid game and not a lot more.  Chezk it Outz!

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